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Infographic: Most Americans still trust scientists

Maggie Koerth | 
It’s easy to look around right now and conclude that popular public opinion has turned against scientists. Twitter hashtags have ...

Secretive coalition of scientists, billionaires pushing Manhattan Project-inspired coronavirus solution

Rob Copeland | 
A dozen of America’s top scientists and a collection of billionaires and industry titans say they have the answer to ...
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Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s obsession with scientists: ‘He collects beautiful minds’

Daniel Engber | 
As the New York Times reported [July 31], [Jeffrey] Epstein’s “passion for cutting-edge science” at times verged into eugenics. Multiple ...
Ray Shillito

Talking Biotech: Bayer geneticist Ray Shillito on communicating with the public about agricultural biotechnology, and more

Angie Adkin, Kevin Folta, Ray Shillito | 
Bayer plant scientist Ray Shillito: Educating the next generation of scientists about how to communicate with the public will help ...
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Science communication 101: Being strategic isn’t unethical

Anthony Dudo, John Besley, Shupei Yuan | 
Scientists interested in educating the public about controversial issues—such as GMOs—should focus on communication goals and strategies backed by social ...
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