Should parents be allowed to choose a child’s sexual orientation through gene editing?

Wael Taji | 
Where do our sexual preferences come from? Most of us don’t stop to ponder, simply because there’s no need to ...
womans fingers al d f c d ddfd d f b

Finger length can predict sexual orientation, personality traits, cancer risk? Here’s what the science says

Steven Salzberg | 
I saw an article in Science that claimed "finger lengths can predict personality and health." Huh?  The author, science writer ...
left hand gay rainbow

3 ‘biomarkers’ linked to male sexual orientation in study

Yasmin Tayag | 
The search for the “gay gene” is rooted in a fraught question: Does homosexuality have a biological basis? The reasons ...
unprotected sex

Attracted to men and women? Our sexual orientation can undergo ‘extensive’ changes as we age, and more so in women, study says

Carly Cassella | 
The vocabulary we currently use to describe sexual orientation is hopelessly inadequate, with labels like 'gay', 'straight' and 'bi' falling ...

Viewpoint: Why we need to better understand sexual orientation, gender identity in autism

John Strang | 
In contemporary media, portrayals of autistic people are typically stereotyped and conventional: heterosexual, cisgender and, more often than not, naïve ...
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