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Drinking and smoking ‘of any level’ while pregnant may harm baby’s development, study says

Kristen Rogers | 
If you're stressed or wanting to enjoy virtual happy hour with friends while pregnant, having a glass of wine every ...

Game of chance: What role does pure ‘bad luck’ play in developing cancer?

Meredith Knight | 
Two-thirds of the gene mutations that cause cancer are due to random chance, according to a new study. But environmental ...

How we can improve mortality rates for people with mental illnesses

Ralph Aquila, Shekhar Saxena | 
[P]eople with serious mental illness die 10 to 25 years earlier than the general population. It’s not difficult to understand why. Even ...

Cancer and genetics: Why smoking threatens more than just your lungs

Meredith Knight | 
Cigarettes smoking causes lung, throat and larynx cancers–which makes sense because those tissues come directly into contact with smoke and ...
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