speed breeding wheat

How ‘speed breeding’ will help expand crop diversity to feed 10 billion people

Lee Hickey | 
These technologies could be game changers in the world of plant breeding ...
corn combine

CRISPR, ‘speed breeding’ can help meet surging food demand on a warming planet

Knvul Sheikh | 
Farmers and plant breeders are in a race against time. The world population is growing rapidly .... but the amount ...
speed breeding wheat

With gene editing tightly regulated, little-known 1980s NASA experiments inspire new crop development in Europe

Jonathan Chadwick | 
Last year’s European Court of Justice ruling makes gene editing....a form of genetic engineering....This will, of course, mean it’ll be ...
hunger solution scientist adapt

Video: Space-inspired ‘speed breeding’ fast tracks improvements in food crops

Technology first used by NASA to grow plants extra-terrestrially is fast tracking improvements in a range of crops. Scientists at ...
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