Could lab-grown plants offset agriculture’s environmental footprint?

Could lab-grown plants offset agriculture’s environmental footprint?

Darrell Etherington | 
Researchers at MIT have developed a new method for growing plant tissues in a lab — sort of like how ...
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Startup wants to combine DNA, machine learning for earlier autism diagnosis

Kate Clark | 
Probably Genetic, which recently graduated from the startup accelerator Y Combinator, wants to test the DNA of children with autism ...

These 12 guidelines could protect us from threats from artificial intelligence

Zack Whittaker | 
After months of work, a set of guidelines designed to protect humanity from a range of threats posed by artificial ...

Creating a safer CRISPR by targeting RNA instead of DNA

Jonathan Shieber | 
Researchers at the prestigious Salk Institute are reporting that they have managed to map the molecular structure of a CRISPR enzyme that could ...
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Boosting speed, efficiency of MRI scans with machine learning

Devin Coldewey | 
Magnetic resonance imaging is an invaluable tool in the medical field, but it’s also a slow and cumbersome process. It ...

Synthego’s pre-edited genetic material makes CRISPR research faster and easier

Jonathan Shieber | 
Synthego, a provider of gene editing services for genomics research and experimentation, has launched a new suite of products that ...
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