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British American Tobacco poised to begin late June trials for COVID-19 vaccine derived from tobacco plants

Corinne Gretler | 
An experimental Covid-19 vaccine developed by cigarette maker British American Tobacco Plc is poised to begin testing in humans. Pre-clinical ...

How a few pioneering botanists prepared us to battle the coronavirus outbreak

Theresa Machemer | 
When German pathologist Robert Koch discovered the bacterium behind tuberculosis in 1882, he included a short guide for linking microorganisms ...

GMO plants that produce industrial proteins could cut cost of medicines, consumer goods

Krishna Ramanujan | 
Imagine if plants could be engineered to produce vaccines, pharmaceuticals, proteins and enzymes for medical, agricultural and industrial applications at ...

Cancer and genetics: Why smoking threatens more than just your lungs

Meredith Knight | 
Cigarettes smoking causes lung, throat and larynx cancers–which makes sense because those tissues come directly into contact with smoke and ...
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Smoking and health: Genetic revolution transforming medical marijuana and tobacco

Steve Savage | 
Our increased understanding of plant genetics has potential to help smokers quit and provide patients with the medicinal benefits of ...
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