Here’s how dogs really see the world

Dogs definitely see the world differently than people do, but it’s a myth that their view is just black, white ...
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Zapping the brain with electrical pulses allows blind patients to ‘see’ letters

Scientists sent patterns of electricity coursing across people’s brains, coaxing their brains to see letters that weren’t there. The experiment ...
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7 weird facts about how humans see the world

It might be the best-studied of all our senses, but surprises about the way our vision works just keep on ...
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Vision implant skips the eyes and goes directly to the brain of blind people

[Bernardeta] Gómez was given a six-month window during which she could see a very low-resolution semblance of the world represented ...
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Why your brain filters out things you don’t need to see

Scientists have long known that our sensory processing must automatically screen out extraneous inputs — otherwise, we couldn’t experience the ...
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When it comes to vision, computers are beating us at our own game

Does computer vision need inspiration from human vision at all? In some ways, the answer is obviously no. The information ...
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Scientists dive deep into how the brain processes vision

How is the retina formed? And how do neurons differentiate to become individual components of the visual system? By focusing ...
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Humans can categorize colors they don’t have words for, research on stroke victims shows

After patient RDS (identified only by his initials for privacy) suffered a stroke, he experienced a rare and unusual side ...
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How math could explain the ‘great mystery of human vision’

This is the great mystery of human vision: Vivid pictures of the world appear before our mind’s eye, yet the ...
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Using AI to understand biological vision is another step toward engineering artificial brains

[Recently,] two studies independently tapped into the power of [artificial neural networks] to solve a 70-year-old neuroscience mystery: how does ...

‘Russian blues’: How language shapes the way our brains perceive the world

Does the language you speak influence how you think? This is the question behind the famous linguistic relativity hypothesis, that the grammar ...
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Video: How does the brain act on what it sees?

What we see often determines how we act: We hit the brakes if a car is stopped ahead of us ...

Synaesthesia: For those who lose their sight, colors can have sound

Vanessa Potter lost her sight. As she recovered, her senses mingled – hearing and touch changed the way she saw ...
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