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Plant-based Impossible, Beyond burgers will help wean consumers off meat, Whole Foods CEO says

In 2013, Whole Foods gave plant-based meat start-up Beyond Meat its first shot at selling its vegan “chicken” strips at ...
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Viewpoint: Why the Non-GMO Project label is little more than a marketing tool that deceives consumers

The presence of a Non-GMO Project seal of approval doesn't really tell consumers anything about their food ...
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‘Better safe than sorry’? Precautionary thinking stokes unjustified fear of GMOs, chemicals, biologist says

“Better safe than sorry.” That’s a great lesson for a child when a parent explains why she should wear a ...
gmo label

Viewpoint: No, Whole Foods Magazine, there’s no plot to sneak GMOs into our food

....Last week, Whole Foods Magazine (yes, that's a thing) published an article written by a lawyer, Scott C. Tips, about an evil plan to ...

Whole Foods embraces slow-growing chickens: Why that’s not so environmentally sustainable

There is a movement, pushed by Whole Foods, to go back to slower-growing chickens. This is problematic from a sustainability ...
Why Whole Foods and Chipotle's anti-GMO campaigning has lost my business

Why Whole Foods and Chipotle’s anti-GMO campaigning has lost my business

I’ve become an accidental activist on behalf of GMOs, in part because of misleading fear based marketing campaigns by food ...
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