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How the world has fumbled the Ebola crisis

Time | 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently projected that if trends continue unimpeded, cases of Ebola could pass the million ...

Over-active immune proteins possible links between depression and dementia

Time | 
The link between depression and dementia is puzzling for researchers. Many studies have noticed a correlation between the two diseases ...

Put things off until tomorrow? Blame your genes

Time | 
A study by researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder has found that a tendency to procrastinate is affected ...

Genetic condition often misdiagnosed as autism

Time | 
Up to half of children with a genetic disorder are mistakenly diagnosed with autism, and the treatment can make the ...
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Single genetic glitch may explain most allergies and asthma

Time | 
Researchers think there may be a common genetic driver behind almost all allergic diseases ...

Scientists identify gene for early puberty

Time | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Central precocious puberty happens when a child hits puberty before age 9. Nutrition, environment ...

Genetic markers predict postpartum depression

Time | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Researchers say that pregnant women may soon be able to take a blood test ...

Young girl receives lifesaving windpipe transplant made from her stem cells

Time | 
The following is an excerpt. Hannah Warren was born without a trachea but now has one made from plastic fibers ...

Genetic profile predicts post-chemo cancer survival

Time | 
The following is an excerpt. While more effective chemotherapy agents have improved cancer survival, not all patients benefit from the drugs. Now, ...

Study identifies four new genetic markers for severe childhood obesity

Time | 
The following is an excerpt. Unhealthy food environments and sedentary lifestyles certainly contribute to obesity, but they can’t entirely explain ...

Grocery chains won’t sell genetically modified fish

Time | 
The following is an excerpt. Call them “frankenfish,” but don’t look for genetically engineered salmon at Trader Joe’s or Whole ...

Can carrots reduce the effect of diabetes-causing genes?

Time | 
The following is an excerpt. In the latest revelation about the human genome, researchers say diabetics with a certain genetic ...
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