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Mongolians, and their gut bacteria, may be the key to solving lactose intolerance

Popular Science | 
[Archaeogeneticist Christina] Warinner was there to solve a mystery: Despite the dairy diversity she saw, an estimated 95 percent of ...
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Uncovering ancient human footprints left on world’s coastlines

Hakai | 
When preserved, footprints are a library of clues about a human’s activities, speed of travel, height, weight, and sometimes even ...

Modern European languages traced to waves of migrating ancient Russian herders

National Geographic | 
New DNA evidence suggests that herders from the grasslands of today's Russia and Ukraine carried the roots of modern European ...

The milk revolution and the genetics of lactose tolerance

Nature | 
During the most recent ice age, milk was essentially a toxin to adults because — unlike children — they could ...

Transgenic crops cut toxins, boost ecosystem

Discover | 
Environmentalists who are skeptical about genetically modified crops should think again, judging from a study published last June. Researchers reported in ...