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sweet tooth

Insatiable sweet tooth? Blame genetics

redOrbit | 
According to a new study published in the journal Twin Research and Human Genetics, nearly one-third of our ability to taste sweetness comes from ...

History of primate evolution written in viral DNA

redOrbit | 
Throughout our evolution, viruses have infected an egg or sperm, incorporated themselves into the genetic code and passed on to ...

Genetic diversity down in Eurasian beaver, due to humans

redOrbit | 
Long-prized for their thick fur, the cuddly Eurasian beaver has been hunted by humans for thousands of years and a ...

Peanut allergy treatments change DNA of the immune cells

redOrbit | 
Scientists with Stanford University are finding that healing a peanut allergy with oral immunotherapy alters the DNA of the patient’s ...

DNA analysis solves 80-year-old murder mystery

redOrbit | 
While DNA analysis is often used to catch perpetrators of crimes, recent work from scientists at the University of Leicester ...

Genes reveal how whales evolved for ocean life

redOrbit | 
Approximately 54 million years ago, whales and other cetaceans diverged from land-dwelling mammals and gradually evolved to live a productive ...

Bitter taste gene may have been evolutionarily beneficial

redOrbit | 
It can be puzzling sometimes when someone else finds the taste of your favorite food to be disgusting, but research ...

The Brits aim to genetically engineer their own beans

redOrbit | 
Essentially little more than navy beans covered in a tomato-based sauce, baked beans are one of the more popular foods ...

Mating barrier theory of speciation called into question

redOrbit | 
While scientists have catalogued millions and millions of species, there is still no agreement on how exactly new species form ...

Genetic evidence shows how early humans migrated from Africa to Europe

redOrbit | 
Humans emerged en masse from Africa thousands of years ago, but scientists still aren’t sure about the exact routes they took as ...

Why “playing God” could help the human race

redOrbit | 
The following is an excerpt. Despite the frequently encountered argument that scientists are ‘playing God’ with nature, the pros of ...

Supreme court may decide whether we own our genes

redOrbit | 
The following is an excerpt. They may be responsible for everything in your life, from conception to death, they may ...
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