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Do humans have free will? Neuroscientists seek solution to this ‘philosophical puzzle’

Nautilus | 
Clinical neuroscientists and neurologists have identified the brain networks responsible for this sense of free will. There seems to be ...
Ancient Babylonian Tablet

Not so optimized? Human evolution was ‘totally accidental’

Nautilus | 
Archaeologist Ticia Verveer recently posted a thread on Twitter showing that customer complaints go way back. And I mean way ...

Is genius an attribute or a ‘circumstance’?

Nautilus | 
[T]he notion of genius as a capability a person can possess has come under attack recently in several ways. Megan ...
risk factors

Viewpoint: ‘Mutation-centric’ cancer treatment ignores critical environmental factors

Nautilus | 
[Editor's note: The following is part of an interview with James DeGregori is a professor in the Department of Biochemistry ...
Mind Puzzle

‘Gettier case’: Philosophical puzzle illustrates challenge of understanding what is true

Nautilus | 
Philosopher Edmund Gettier devised a thought experiment that has become known as a “Gettier case.” It shows that something’s “off” ...