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Trade politics, not health concerns, driving Russia’s anti-GMO stance

Biology Fortified | 
The Russian government’s most public reason for banning GMOs—its citizens’ health—may not be its primary reason. During President Putin’s recent meeting with ...

Anti-GMO groups don’t understand: GM Cheerios are as dangerous as GM insulin (not at all)

Biology Fortified | 
The recent decision of General Mills to produce GMO-free Cheerios is interesting from marketing, political, and biological angles. However, what ...
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Do-it-yourself biotechnology could reduce fear of GMOs

Biology Fortified | 
Removing the "unknown" factor from biotechnology with citizen science and DIY projects could increase acceptance of GMOs ...

Coffee in crisis: Transgenics to the rescue?

Biology Fortified | 
Central American coffee production is on red alert because of the coffee rust fungus. We need transgenics to create resistant, ...