Articles written specifically for the GLP or the articles that are reposted from other sources (sometimes in modified form) with permission list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. Excerpted articles list the original media outlet as the source. Excerpts are posted under guidelines for Fair Use and Creative Commons for educational nonprofits (501c3). The GLP’s Fair Use policy for posting excerpts and using images is explained here.

Can GMO corn help Mexican farmers reduce pesticides?

Science World Report | 
Is there a way to reduce pesticide use? Scientists believe that insect-resistant maize could be the answer. Scientists have found ...

Genes may aid in alcoholism recovery

Science World Report | 
There may be a new method to help those recovering from alcoholism. Scientists have discovered genetic markers that may help ...

Gene responsible for echolocation identified in dolphins and bats

Science World Report | 
Echolocation is used by both bats and dolphins, allowing them to navigate the world with the use of sound. Now, ...

Genome analysis of cervical cancer suggests new treatments

Science World Report | 
Researchers have made a breakthrough when it comes to cervical cancer. They've completed a comprehensive genomic analysis of cervical cancer ...

Study of breast cancer in dogs may shed light on human cancer

Science World Report | 
When it comes to dogs, mammary tumors are the most common forms of cancer in females. Now, though, researchers have ...

Scientists discover origins of “dark matter” in human genome

Science World Report | 
Non-coding RNA is the "dark matter" of the genomic world. It doesn't contain the blueprint for making proteins, and yet ...

Parents’ genes impact child’s back to school fears and anxiety

Science World Report | 
The more we learn about genetics, the more we realize that they control everything from looks to personality to health ...

Genetic mutations work differently in different individuals

Science World Report | 
Scientists have known for a while that genetic mutations can modify each other's effects and that subtle differences in the ...

Scientists identify evolutionarily important human gene switches

Science World Report | 
The following is an excerpt. Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans, and researchers continue to hunt for clues ...

Building block of life found on martian clay

Science World Report | 
The following is an excerpt. A meteorite from Mars may hold one of the building blocks of life. Researchers have ...

Monsanto’s genetically modified sweet corn sparks debate

Audubon Magazine | 
Protesters of genetically modified food were outraged in early August when Wal-Mart Stores Inc. confirmed that the company plans to ...
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