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glyphosate trial spray bottle

EPA reaffirms glyphosate weed killer safe, calls IARC cancer designation an ‘outlier’ inconsistent with multiple assessments

USA Today | 
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on [April 30] reaffirmed its finding that glyphosate, the world's most popular herbicide, is not ...
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Russia funds articles questioning GMO safety in bid to hurt US ag industry, research shows

Des Moines Register | 
Politics isn't the only issue where Russia seeks to sway U.S. opinion. The former communist country is trying to influence ...

Record number of pesticide misuse claims by Iowa farmers due to dicamba drift problems

Des Moines Register | 
Nationally, 2,242 farmers say dicamba has damaged an estimated 3.1 million acres, a University of Missouri report shows. Iowa ag leaders ...

Climate change could cripple Midwest but genetic technologies could offset damage

Des Moines Register | 
Climate change could hammer the Des Moines and Iowa economies in the decades ahead, as spiking temperatures dramatically reduce crop ...

Environmental Working Group: Biotech doesn’t deserve credit for reducing soil erosion

Des Moines Register | 
Genetically modified crops are unfairly getting credit for reducing soil erosion on U.S. farmland, an environmental group said. In a ...

Iowa consumers care more about taste, price, nutrition, safety than organic or GMOs in food

Des Moines Register | 
Iowans care about where their food is grown, whether it's organic, made with high-fructose syrup or without GMOs, a new ...