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Herbicides and fungicides could be key factors in bee health problems, study finds

International Business Times | 
Honey bees might be drawn to the very chemicals that are endangering them, based on experiments in which they preferred ...

Excessive hand washing? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) linked to gene mutations associated with autism

Medical Daily | 
We know obsessive-compulsive disorder has a genetic basis, and now researchers are digging into our DNA to figure out exactly ...

Key to fighting antibiotic-resistant MRSA could rest with noxious weed species in Florida

Medical Daily | 
Bacteria that don’t respond to drugs are a growing problem, one for which scientists are rushing to find a solution ...
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Rare genetic mutations linked to schizophrenia and school dropout risk

Medical Daily | 
A pair of studies in the journal Nature Neuroscience have investigated a link between rare genetic mutations and schizophrenia, as ...