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Geneticist Alison Van Eenennaam: The biotech advocate anti-GMO groups ‘love to hate’

Pacific Standard | 
Facing a tide of anti-GMO activism, [UC Davis animal geneticist Alison] Van Eenennaam has taken it upon herself to advocate ...
pig poo happy pigs

Greenlighting of AquAdvantage salmon could ‘pave the way’ to disease resistant pigs and other GMO animals

Pacific Standard | 
[In March 2019], the Food and Drug Administration cleared the last hurdle for the genetically engineered "AquaAdvantage" salmon—the first (and ...
USDA GMO Food Labels Logos Confusing Cartoony

USDA set to release final ‘bioengineered’ food labeling rule

Pacific Standard | 
After a contentious two-year comment period .... a rule requiring companies to label genetically modified foods is being finalized [the week ...

FDA plan to regulate a gene-edited animal as a ‘drug’ will ‘choke’ research, experts say

Pacific Standard | 
Despite the Trump administration's calls to increase innovation in biotechnology in a new draft proposal, experts say the classification of genetic editing ...