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Dicamba herbicide makers ask court to reverse weedkiller ban, citing ‘disastrous’ impact on farmers

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BASF and Corteva Agriscience have filed motions to intervene in the June 3 decision made by the U.S. Court of ...
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Bayer expects widespread use of dicamba in 2020 despite intense legal battle to restrict the weedkiller

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Had it proceeded as planned, dicamba-tolerant soybean technology would be receiving rave reviews in 2020. In its four years of ...
Can 'heart-healthy,' gene-edited soybeans build consumer trust in new biotech crops?

Can ‘heart-healthy,’ gene-edited soybeans build consumer trust in new biotech crops?

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This fall, soybeans grown by 78 farmers in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa churned out of combine augers into awaiting ...

Short-stature hybrid corn, likely to debut next decade, could dramatically boost crop yields

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Farmers who have waded and stumbled through corn decimated by green snap or stalk lodging may be in luck in ...

New dicamba application strategies could be key to preventing accidental damage to soybean crops

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Using dicamba as a preplant weed-management tool or abiding by state cutoff dates for postemergence applications may be a way ...
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5 gene-edited crops slated to hit the market in the near future

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Farmers quickly gleaned agronomic benefits from GMO technology. Consumers? Not so much. Gene editing could change that, since it’s keying ...