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Zika-fighting GM mosquito program in Cayman Islands delayed over costs, safety concerns

Cayman Compass | 
A multimillion dollar plan for the islandwide rollout of Cayman’s genetically modified mosquito program has been significantly scaled back amid ...

Widescale release of Zika-fighting GM mosquitoes approved in Cayman Islands

Cayman Compass | 
The National Conservation Council...unanimously approved the islandwide rollout of the genetically modified mosquito program without the need for a new ...
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Activist Jeffrey Smith launches effort to block use of Zika-fighting GM mosquitoes in Cayman Islands

Cayman Compass | 
[Editor's note: Read more about Jeffery Smith and the Institute for Responsible Technology here.] Opponents of the use of genetically ...
Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes

Genetically engineered mosquitos reducing Zika threat in Cayman Islands test run

Cayman Compass | 
The release of some 8 million genetically modified mosquitoes in West Bay [Cayman Islands] has had a significant impact in reducing ...
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