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Viewpoint: Ghana’s anti-GMO groups urged to embrace gene editing technology

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Scientists are urging Ghana’s anti-GMO groups to embrace gene editing technology to help ensure a more effective and productive agricultural ...
Egypt poised to again lead Africa in agricultural biotechnology innovation

Egypt poised to again lead Africa in agricultural biotechnology innovation

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
When will Egypt again lead Africa in agricultural biotech innovation? That question kept running through my mind when I visited ...
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High expectations for GMO rice research in Ghana

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Both farmers and the Ghanaian scientists now conducting field trials of genetically modified (GM) rice believe the improved variety will ...
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Ghana moves to stop illegal import of GMOs, biotech experts say country’s food supply is safe

My Joy Online (Ghana) | 
A report of parliament’s Environment, Science and Technology Committee....said members are worried about the introduction of GMO products into [Ghana] ...
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GMO bacteria could help resolve Africa’s plastic pollution ‘menace’

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
African scientists are calling for investments in the application of biotechnology to deal with the world’s plastic pollution problem. They ...

African nations push back against proposed UN ban on gene drives

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Africa has kicked against a proposed moratorium on the environmental release of organisms containing gene drives now under debate at ...
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South Africa urges neighboring countries to learn from its success with biotech

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
South Africa is urging other African countries to learn from its latest strategy and adopt more holistic policies around biotechnology ...

If Ghana follows Nigeria’s lead and approves Bt cotton, it could jump-start its textile industry

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Nigeria’s decision to commercialize Bt cotton has revived hopes for the novel variety in Ghana, its West African neighbor. Science-focused ...
'Simplifying science' for the public key to Africa's embrace of GMOs, Ghanaian scientist says

‘Simplifying science’ for the public key to Africa’s embrace of GMOs, Ghanaian scientist says

My Joy Online | 
A former Deputy Agric Minister has urged scientists to simplify the issue of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) technology for ordinary ...
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Burkina Faso abandons insect-resistant GMO cotton, suffers lower yields

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
As Burkina Faso farmers predicted, their nation has lost its standing as Africa’s largest producer of cotton since halting the ...

How African nations expect to learn from Burkina Faso’s GMO Bt cotton breeding problems

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Stakeholders in the agricultural biotechnology sector are offering assurances that the problems that prompted Burkina Faso to temporarily halt cultivation ...
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Phase out of GMO cotton in Burkina Faso taking increasing toll on farmers and industry

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
When cotton traders in Burkina Faso announced in 2015 that they were phasing out the cultivation of genetically modified cotton, they attributed ...
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Can Burkina Faso’s problems with Monsanto’s GMO cotton seeds be fixed?

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
In the early 2000s, the US agricultural firm Monsanto began tests to introduce genetically engineered cotton seeds with the potential ...
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African scientists call for implementation of biotech crops to further food security, development

My Joy Online | 
Scientists are calling for technological transformation in how Africans undertake agricultural production to help improve food security on the continent ...
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Ghana’s farmers should have right to grow GMO crops, says Cornell professor Sarah Evanega Davidson

My Joy Online | 
Ghanaians are being urged to give Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) technology a chance as a possible tool for dealing with ...
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Insect-resistant GMO cowpeas could be available to Ghanaian farmers in 2018

My Joy Online | 
Ongoing field tests on genetically modified cowpea (Bt cowpea) have produced successful results and will be ready for commercialisation and ...