Articles written specifically for the GLP or the articles that are reposted from other sources (sometimes in modified form) with permission list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. Excerpted articles list the original media outlet as the source. Excerpts are posted under guidelines for Fair Use and Creative Commons for educational nonprofits (501c3). The GLP’s Fair Use policy for posting excerpts and using images is explained here.

Genetic causes of glaucoma identified

Science World Report | 
Researchers have discovered six specific genetic variations that may be linked to glaucoma. Findings published in the journal Nature Genetics ...

As we age, our genomes become less stable

Science World Report | 
As all humans carry "parasitic" strands of DNA that, when not suppressed, copy themselves and spread throughout the genome, these ...

Genetic makeup and diet affect the intestinal microbiome

Science World Report | 
A recent study shows how genetic makeup and diet can interact with the Microbiome to impact certain health issues. Mayo Clinic ...

Gene mutation in dogs could offer clues about neural tube defects in humans

ScienceWorldReport | 
A new study shows that gene mutations in dogs could offer some clues regarding neural tube defects in humans. According ...

Black women more prone to breast cancer gene

ScienceWorldReport | 
The following is an excerpt. A new study shows that about 20 percent of black women with breast cancer carry ...
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