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Food industry adapting to non-GMO product trend

Civil Eats | 
At the 2013 Institute of Food Technologists tradeshow, a supplier of non-GMO ingredients told me that the “non-GMO tsunami is ...
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Crusaders slam GM foods, glyphosate, conventional agriculture

Organic and Non-GMO Report | 
A “GMO Plenary” held last month in Missouri featured a panel of anti-GMO activists who discussed multiple health and environmental risks ...

Anti-GMO journalist, Maharishi Institute follower calls anti-GMO journalist, Reuters’ Carey Gillam, “balanced”

Huffington Post | 
Reuters' journalist Carey Gillam has covered issues surrounding genetically modified foods for the past 16 years, no easy task with ...

Whole Foods hones anti-GMO strategy to drive growth

Organic Connect | 
“Non-GMO is a line in the sand for us. It’s the start of the discussion, not the end topic. We ...

Could the non-GMO label threat the organic label?

Organic | 
The following is an edited excerpt. As the Non-GMO Project logo appears on more and more gro­cery shelves, some mem­bers ...