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How glyphosate-resistant weeds led to Monsanto’s dicamba herbicide crisis

Popular Science | 
[In] the 1990s, Monsanto began selling a series of patented, genetically modified, “RoundUp”-ready seeds. Monsanto had altered crop be ...
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Anti-aging hormone boosts cognitive abilities in mice – could humans be next?

Popular Science | 
[Klotho is] a naturally occurring hormone in the body. More than two decades ago, Japanese researchers discovered that this hormone ...

Melting Greenland ice sheet could release pollution—and beneficial microbes evolved to ‘chow down’ toxins

Popular Science | 
As the Greenland ice sheet melts due to climate change, a new study in journal Environmental Letters suggests, pollution trapped inside could ooze back into ...
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Independent health agencies disagree with IARC’s glyphosate cancer designation

Popular Science | 
The list of [Proposition 65] labeled substances [in California] includes marijuana smoke (but eating marijuana is fine, by California standards), ...