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Making CAR-T cancer treatments less risky with ‘safety switches’ and precision targeting

Science News | 
A majority of patients who receive CAR-T cell therapy react [with] varying degrees of severity. Those same T cells that ...
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2017: The year gene therapy became a ‘clinical reality’

Science News | 
This year, gene therapy finally became a clinical reality. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved two personalized treatments that ...

Building a face ‘bit by bit’: Human recognition by monkeys

Science News | 
A monkey’s brain builds a picture of a human face somewhat like a Mr. Potato Head — piecing it together ...
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Rice plants could be genetically tweaked to tame arsenic found in soil, reducing risk for humans

Science News | 
Rooted in place, plants can’t run away from arsenic-tainted soil — but they’re far from helpless. Scientists have identified enzymes ...