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Ontario farmers claim they are ‘bullied’ by proposed neonics ban

Real Agriculture | 
In November, the Ontario premier’s office and the ministry of the environment and climate change revealed its plan to restrict the ...

Audio: What if agriculture didn’t have biotechnology?

Real Agriculture | 
Another day, another petition pushing for a ban of biotechnology in a region. The latest that crossed my desk is ...

Video: Mark Lynas says, “GMOs are green”

Real Agriculture | 
Mark Lynas, a UK-based environmentalist and former anti-biotech activist, spoke to Real Agriculture editor Lyndsey Smith before giving the keynote address at ...

When the clergy says stupid things about GMOs, credulous congregants lose

Real Agriculture | 
Winnipeg-Canada based Lyndsey Smith, a writer for the Real Agriculture blog, discusses why religion and science often don't mix well--and ...