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New Yorker editor among many who stand by criticism of Vandana Shiva

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
A profile of the anti-GMO activist Vandana Shiva in The New Yorker in August by Michael Specter has drawn a blistering, 5,000-word rebuttal from Shiva, who accuses Specter ...
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Mike Adams claims Monsanto set up “kill GMO supporters” website, as scientists, journalists face death threats

Knight Science Journalism's Paul Raeburn has weighed in on the increasingly sordid Mike Adams fiasco. He writes: An anti-GMO activist ...
'Designer babies': Mitochondrial misinterpretation by the media

‘Designer babies’: Mitochondrial misinterpretation by the media

As the FDA took on the charge of debating the science behind three-parent IVF and mitochondrial manipulation last week, the ...
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New York Times recycles old news on ethics of genetic screening

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
The NYT carried a front-page story about genetic screening techniques that have been around for two decades, raising familiar ethical ...

Decoding the genome of 19th century cholera outbreak in Philadelphia

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
A "shriveled piece of intestine" from an unfortunate, unknown victim of Philadelphia's 1849 outbreak of cholera has given researchers just ...

John Horgan and “The end of optogenetics”

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
In the nearly two decades since he declared the end of science, the science writer John Horgan is still finding things to write ...

Is there something missing from the New York Times story on GE oranges?

Here's what I like about Amy Harmon's New York Times story: It's very nicely written, nicely organized, and it spins ...

Keith Kloor stumbles into nest of questionable studies and reporting on GMOs

The following is an excerpt. This morning, the Discover blogger Keith Kloor filed a noisy objection to a Reuters story on a questionable paper alleging harmful effects from Roundup, the trade ...

Demolishing the myth that Monsanto drove Indian farmers to suicide

The following is an edited excerpt. Last Friday,  Vandana Shiva, Indian feminist, activist, and thinker and "author of many books" said: ...
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Neanderthal cloning: Morally wrong and scientifically challenging

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
Genetic imprinting limits the scientific value of cloning a Neanderthal ...

Prenatal diagnosis story shows challenge of genetics reporting

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
The New England Journal of Medicine reported this week that prenatal diagnosis with gene chips is superior to conventional chromosome ...
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