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global eradication of wild poliovirus type declared on world polio day

‘Time to finish the job’: One wild polio strain stands in the way of eradication of the disease

Scientific American | 
The international effort to achieve [polio eradication] passed a major milestone [recently] with the worldwide eradication of wild poliovirus type ...
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‘Puzzle of a million pieces’: New study traces humanity’s birthplace to northern Botswana

Scientific American | 
[A] study, appearing [October 28] in the journal Nature, uses genetic, archaeological, linguistic and climatic evidence to argue that the ancestral homeland ...
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Historical amnesia: Measles outbreaks remind us why it’s perilous to forget life before vaccines

National Geographic | 
I suffer, like most people, from a notorious Catch-22: Vaccines save us from diseases, then cause us to forget the ...
2-25-2019 stp

‘Morally appropriate’? Entomologists question effort to eradicate disease-causing tsetse fly in Africa

Scientific American | 
Sleeping sickness (or trypanosomiasis), endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, is a horribly debilitating disease. … [Why not] end sleeping sickness by ...
neanderthal denisovan child discovery exlarge

‘Remarkable’ love child: Here’s what happened when a Neanderthal met a Denisovan

Scientific American | 
In a remarkable twist in the story line of early human evolution, scientists have announced the discovery of “Denisova 11”—a ...
Sunrise over a soybean field x

Plant ‘vaccines’, CRISPR gene editing could increase crop yields and reduce pesticide use

Yale Environment 360 | 
When European researchers recently announced a new technique that could potentially replace chemical pesticides with a natural “vaccine” for crops, ...
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“Sustainable intensification” in farming vs the alternative: Food shortages and unrest

Yale Environment 360 | 
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