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‘Socially clueless robots’? Debunking the myth that autistic people aren’t good at friendship

Scientific American | 
A number of myths about autistic people abound. For one, it's a great myth that autistic people lack empathy. This ...
1-17-2019 aadmzt

Do you find psychopaths attractive? You may be one yourself

Scientific American | 
In 2005, Scott Peterson was convicted of the murder of his wife Laci and her unborn child. During the first ...
1-15-2019 science of creative mind

Unravelling the mysteries of the creative brain

Scientific American | 
Anna Abraham wrote a wonderful resource that covers some of the most hot button topics in the field [of the neuroscience of creativity] ...

Does a higher IQ lead to a better, happier life?

Scientific American | 
[In] a new study conducted by Ana Dimitrijevic and colleagues, [the researchers] attempted to assess the relationship between multiple indicators of ...

Searching for the origins of the ‘dark traits’ of humanity

Scientific American | 
We all know people who consistently display ethically, morally, and socially questionable behavior in everyday life. Personality psychologists refer to ...
human brain

Bringing empirical science to how people view giftedness

Scientific American | 
Farrah Alexander...published an article...which she concluded[:] "Every child is gifted and talented. So let's stop distinguishing which children are gifted and ...