Why focus on ‘natural’ is a dangerous obsession

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Plenty of foods for adults … have packaging that proclaims their content to be au naturel. And numerous dietary trends tap into similar ideals, like clean eating, organic food and the Paleo diet, in which we are encouraged to emulate our Stone-Age ancestors.

… [T]he US Food and Drug Administration is currently engaged in a public consultation about which foods should be allowed to use the “natural” label. It’s a messy issue and one the agency has been pushed to address after more than 50 lawsuits were brought by consumers angered by “all natural” claims on products.

The Green movement has done much good in raising awareness of the dangers of global warming, but it often falls into the trap of thinking that Mother Nature is always best.


Its blanket opposition to GM food makes no sense. We have been genetically modifying our crops for millennia; current GM food presents no threat to health and could help solve nutritional deficiencies.

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