Vitamins going GMO free

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Consumers wanting to know where ingredients come from and why they are needed in a product have pushed companies like Campbell Soup, General Mills and Nestlé to rid many of their products of substances such as carrageenan, high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colorings.

Now, some of the same efforts are coming to vitamins.

“Third parties doing certification like the Non-GMO Project require a whole lot more information than most vitamin companies are used to handing over,” said Bethany Davis, a spokeswoman for the Coalition for Supplement Sustainability.

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The coalition was formed by vitamin and supplement companies last year after food companies began dropping vitamins from their products. General Mills reduced the amount of riboflavin, or vitamin B2, and magnesium in the original Cheerios. Post Foods ditched vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12 in the original Grape-Nuts.

“These large companies may have difficulty getting enough supply of vitamins to make non-G.M.O. claims because the supply chains are very complex and it’s not the industry standard to have full transparency,” Ms. Davis said.

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