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Foreign grain sales hold steady in wake of Montana GMO wheat discovery

Tom Lutey | 
More than a week after reports that genetically modified wheat unexpectedly turned up at a university research lab in Huntley, ...
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Unapproved GMO wheat again found, this time in Montana

Tom Lutey | 
Unregulated genetically modified wheat has popped up at a Montana research facility east of Billings, the U.S. Agriculture Department said ...

Can a GMO and non-GMO coexistence policy work in the US?

Tom Lutey | 
They don’t get along like peas in a pod, but farmers who plant genetically modified crops need to coexist with ...

Montana: Food fight brewing over genetically modified ingredients

Tom Lutey | 
The following is an edited excerpt of a longer story. Find a link to the full story below. A new ...