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Bangladesh’s Bt brinjal, maligned by activists, reduces pesticide use, boosts farmer profits

Rafiqul Islam Mondal | 
Brinjal is a popular vegetable which is grown year round all over Bangladesh. The brinjal shoot and fruit borer is ...

Anti-GMO groups mount misinformation campaign against pesticide-reducing Bt brinjal in Bangladesh

The campaign against pest-resistant Bt brinjal in Bangladesh appears to have shifted into a new gear, as the powerful anti-GMO ...

Interactive Map: Bangladesh farmers’ dramatic success with pesticide-reducing Bt brinjal

A new interactive map published by partners of Bangladesh's Bt brinjal project, the first GMO food crop grown in South ...

Cornell researcher confirms Bangladesh Bt eggplant farms free of pest damage

Tony Shelton | 
While visiting Bangladesh to conduct environmental safety assessments for Bt brinjal and help farmers develop resistant management programs to ensure ...

Anti-GMO activists in Bangladesh caught lying about ‘failed’ Bt eggplant farms

Recently, the Financial Express in Bangladesh published a news article entitled ‘Pest-resistant Bt Brinjal comes under pest attack’, claiming that ...
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