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Columbia Journalism Review: Anti-GMO group’s records request threatens independent research

Anna Clark | 
U.S. Right to Know, based in Oakland, Calif., has asked at least four universities to turn over all correspondence since ...

Michael Pollan and Amy Harmon ‘talk’ it out

Alexis Sobel Fitts | 
A few weeks ago, Amy Harmon's New York Times feature on the challenges Florida orange growers are facing in managing ...

Keith Kloor makes a beat out of policing frightful coverage of GE foods

Curtis Brainard | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The media have stoked irrational distrust of science in many fields over the years, ...
GE corn

Biotech Bogeymen

Curtis Brainard | 
If you’re worried about pesticides, then the San Francisco Chronicle has a sweeping indictment of genetically engineered (GE) crops to ...