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GM corn boosts yields as much as 58 percent in Tanzanian field trials

Fatma Abdu | 
Tanzania's second year of confined field trials of genetic modified maize is bearing fruit, as the crop has significantly shown ...

‘Scaremongering’ turns Tanzanian farmers away from drought, disease resistant GMO seeds

Marc Nkwame | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. “Our farmers are afraid ...

Africa lagging behind in GE crops acquisition

Finnigan Wa Simbeye | 
African economies are still lagging behind in acquisition of agricultural biotechnology and particularly genetically engineered crops. A report by International ...

GMO research ‘well underway’ in Tanzania

Abdulwakil Saiboko | 
Researchers are working on genetically modified foods in Tanzanian laboratories, pending ongoing talks for possible field trials, according to a ...

Why Tanzania must accelerate agricultural biotechnology research

Orton Kiishweko | 
The following is an excerpt. When Dr. Joseph Ndunguru of Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute speaks about cutting edge science, he ...