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Once and for all, Ashkenazi Jews have limited Euro-Asian Khazarian heritage

Alexander Beider | 
Since the late 19th century, the so-called “Khazarian theory” has promoted the idea that a bulk of Ashkenazic Jews living ...

Who is a Jew? Dangers of obsessing over ‘Jewish genetics’

Stephen Hirsch | 
The Jewish world has been obsessing over genetics recently. Are we or are we not white? Has the Khazar hypothesis been conclusively disproven? All these are interesting questions ...

Should Ashkenazi Jews like Wonder Woman star Gal Godot be considered white?

Joel Finkelstein | 
When Matthew Mueller [published an article] entitled, “Wonder Woman: There IS A Person Of Color In The Lead Role,” arguing ...

Claim Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of pagan Khazars who converted in Middle Ages confirmed as myth

Ofer Aderet | 
The claim that today’s Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Khazars who converted in the Middle Ages is a myth, according ...