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Transhumanists target hunger with soy-based nutrition in third world communities

Hank Pellesier | 
Can DIY-Soylent cure the pangs of World Hunger? Can the alchemists of future food collect sufficient funds to fill the ...
Jean baptiste lamarck

Lamark Redux: Is epigenetics rewriting his legacy?

Josh Mitteldorf | 
Evolutionary biologist Josh Mitteldorf looks back on the discredited scientist's views of evolution in light of our new knowledge of ...

Mind uploading won’t work becaues consciousness can’t be transferred

Maciamo Hay | 
Uploading one's mind into a computer, a concept popularized by the 2014 movie Transcendence starring Johnny Depp, is likely to ...

Treatment impacts of new cloning milestone

Len Rosen | 
DNA extracted from the skin of a 35 and 75 year-old male has been injected into four denucleated human eggs ...

Spell-checking the genome to remove burden of bad genetic mutations

James Miller | 
Eliminating mutational load might offer a shortcut to the Singularity. A person’s mutational load is the total burden of his ...

Crowdfunding appeal for longevity research

Peter Rothman | 
Give me a quick overview of your experiment? What is going to happen with this mouse? Daniel Wuttke:  We have ...

Of humans, primates, and pigs

Ben Goertzel | 
We humans share a lot of DNA with chimps and other primates, so there’s no real doubt we reside fairly ...

What is a posthuman being?

What is a posthuman being? For years, I have been hearing that we are gradually moving towards a new state ...
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