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GM papaya registry in Hawaii will not release growers’ information publicly

Tom Callis | 
Judge Greg Nakamura granted a preliminary injunction Tuesday preventing Hawaii County from disclosing the identity and specific location of farms ...

Hawaii County GM papaya grower challenges GMO/pesticide restriction ban

Colin Stewart | 
An unnamed farmer filed a lawsuit seeking relief from requirements of Hawaii County’s recently enacted ban on genetically modified crops ...
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‘Big Island’ on Hawaii passes bill banning GMOs, exempts GM papayas

Tom Callis | 
By a 6-3 vote, the the Hawaii County Council passed Bill 113 on November 19 that prohibits all new genetically ...

Protestors destroy scores of GMO papaya trees in Hawaii

John Burnett | 
A family whose Kapoho papaya farm was vandalized two years ago has been struck again. Police said on Friday that ...

Overall GMO ban rejected by Hawaii County Council

Tom Callis | 
The Hawaii County Council took its first bite out of legislation on genetically altered crops Friday, voting down an overall ...

Hawaiian officials introduce additional GMO bills

Tom Callis | 
Hawaii Island’s food fight is about to get even more messy. After sitting on the sidelines during the last three ...

Hawaiian farmers rally against GE ban

Colin Stewart | 
“I’m here to save my job,” the woman explained as she waved to a honking line of vehicles crawling by ...

Anti-biotech critics propose killing Hawaiian papaya crop

Tom Callis | 
The following is an edited excerpt.  Genetic engineering opponents turned out in force Tuesday before the Hawaii County Council to ...