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Why we shouldn’t be afraid of human gene editing

Why we shouldn’t be afraid of human gene editing

Dave Gammon | 
[Editor's note: Dave Gammon is an associate professor of biology at Elon University.] Many feel a visceral dread that scientists ...

New IVF genetic screening technique gives newborns disease-free birth

Lucy Van Den Berg | 
Melbourne IVF was the first clinic in the state to introduce karyomapping, a test that allows couples to screen the ...

Many women with breast or ovarian cancer genes don’t opt for interventions

Lucie Van Der Berg | 
Many women who carry the high-risk genes for breast and ovarian cancer are not taking preventive steps such as surgery ...

Angelina Jolie revelation tripled breast, ovarian cancer genetic testing

Lucie Van Der Berg | 
The number of Australian women referred to genetic clinics tripled immediately after Angelina Jolie's announcement that she carried a faulty ...

Key found in fight against farm pest diamondback moth

Clare Peddie | 
Scientists have uncovered the "evolutionary trick" of one of the world's worst agricultural pests, the diamondback moth. Diamondback moths wreak ...

Like it or not, the future of food involves GM

Erin Wright | 
With consumer demand for minimally processed, fresh-like food, it is inevitable that food ingredient innovation will step up to meet ...