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New GMO crops are coming, but why do just four companies develop so many of them?

David Murray | 
In November, Science magazine .... described how corn breeding researchers were able to activate a gene that regulated corn growth ...

FDA v USDA v EPA: US agencies vie for role in revised animal and crop biotechnology regulations

Jennifer Latzke | 
On June 11, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would set in motion a review by three federal ...
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Viewpoint: FDA’s CRISPR-edited animal rules threaten US farming innovation

Kylene Scott | 
“Keep America First in Agriculture” was launched June 25 by the National Pork Producers Council, stressing the need for establishing ...

Senator Chuck Grassley eats GMO corn to show EU that US biotech crop exports are safe

Seymour Klierly | 
With a new Congress comes new lawmakers and new committee rosters, including new chairmen and ranking members. The Senate Finance ...

Are farmers struggling to control weeds in the face of dicamba herbicide restrictions?

Amy Bickel | 
If there is one thorn in the side of Missouri farmer Tommy Riley, it’s pigweed. ...Riley told members of the ...
Specter Trump on Dr Oz

Viewpoint: Why is anti-GMO snake oil salesman Dr. Oz on Trump’s council on nutrition?

Seymour Klierly | 
Earlier this month, President Donald Trump announced a slew of well-known celebrities, doctors, executives and athletes to the President’s Council ...
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Viewpoint: Regulating CRISPR gene-edited livestock as ‘drugs’ hinders innovative research in US

Blake Hurst | 
In one of the final actions of the outgoing Barack Obama administration, the Food and Drug Administration announced it would ...

Next generation Golden Rice could be driven by CRISPR gene editing

Fred Miller | 
Rice breeders today develop improved varieties from genetic breeding stock that has been advanced through thousands of generations and over ...
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Republicans and Democrats agree: Modern agriculture is sustainable

Mace Thornton | 
[Editor's note: Mace Thornton is executive director of communications at the American Farm Bureau Federation.] A recent Morning Consult poll ...

USDA taking comments on labeling meat, poultry, eggs produced without GMO feed

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has set an Oct. 24 deadline for submitting comments on its program for approving ...