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Seafood of the future: Could lab-grown fish replace its wild and farmed relatives?

Kristy Hamilton | 
Do we need animals to make meat? What if we could grow cells outside the body of an animal to ...
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Food crops could be engineered to summon wasps that kill deadly plant pests

Rachael Funnell | 
Plagued by stemborers, a type of crop parasitism, maize can launch a chemical defense that essentially calls in the cavalry ...

Horrific genetic mutation starts as insomnia and ends in death

Rosie McCall | 
We've all had nights where we struggle to fall asleep, but imagine being trapped in a cycle of insomnia that gets progressively ...

Is climate change to blame for disappearing bumblebees?

Rachel Baxter | 
[Researchers] have discovered one of the reasons why bumblebees are disappearing – global warming’s effect on flowering times. Scientists at ...
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