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Crop spraying at Rulesmains Farm Duns geograph org uk

IARC’s designates herbicide 2,4-D ‘possibly carcinogenic’ but no data suggesting carcinogenicity

Val Giddings | 
A near kin to the GMO controversies that ITIF deconstructed earlier this year in a comprehensive guide for policymakers is ...

Prediction: McDonald’s will adopt eco-friendly GMO potato

L. Val Giddings | 
On Friday, November 7, 2014, the U.S. Department of Agriculture cleared the path to commercialization for a “genetically modified” potato ...

Los Angeles symbolic GMO ban reinforces misinformation

Val Giddings | 
The Los Angeles City Council voted in late October to draft an ordinance that would prohibit the sale or planting ...

Consumer Union’s Michael Hansen accused of misleading legislators on GMO safety

Val Giddings | 
The ideologically driven, anti-technology campaign to restrict access to safe, sustainable and affordable foods improved through biotechnology got a boost ...

In conflict with GMO farmers, do organic farmers seek special treatment

L. Val Giddings | 
March 3, 2014 story from Reuters by Carey Gillam presents claims by organic farmers that the federal government needs to step in to ...