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clean meat

Soy protein could help turn lab-grown steaks into realistic beef alternatives

Charles Choi | 
Currently scientists have only produced relatively tiny nuggets of lab-grown meat, which can imitate ground beef for use in hamburgers ...
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Mysterious genes that make citrus fruit sour could lead to sweeter lemons, limes and oranges

Charles Choi | 
Lemons are known for their face-puckering sour taste. Now scientists have uncovered the mysterious genes behind this acidity, new findings ...

Resurrecting Earth’s ancient enzymes in quest to make more effective drugs and chemicals

Catherine Meyers | 
In the 1990 Michael Crichton novel "Jurassic Park," scientists resurrect extinct species, with disastrous, page-turning consequences. But what if the ...
hops cones for beer production

GMO IPA? Genetically engineered yeast could provide environmentally friendly alternative to hops

Jason Bardi | 
The bad news for environmentally conscious beer lovers is that hops, a prized floral flavoring of ales, has an oversized ...
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Tasting sweets is an evolutionary skill — and kids are better at it

Katharine Gammon | 
The ability to taste the intense sweetness of summer fruit is actually a skill, and according to a new study, ...
D PrintedSensor topNteaser e

3-D bionic humans? Printed pressure sensors open door to artificial limbs that feel

Marcus Woo | 
Wearable technology may soon be at your fingertips -- literally. Researchers have developed a pressure sensor that can be 3-D ...
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Survival of humans and other complex life linked to natural gene transfer between ancient microorganisms

Charles Choi | 
One of the most pivotal moments in Earth's history was the evolution of the photosynthetic life that suffused air with ...

Mitochondrial genes affect more than their numbers suggest

Ker Than | 
For plant and animal cells, the vast bulk of their DNA is tightly packaged and tucked away within a storage ...