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In world-first, Japanese scientists use CRISPR to change flower color

In a world-first, Japanese scientists have used the revolutionary CRISPR, or CRISPR/Cas9, genome-editing tool to change flower color in an ...
teaching friendliness

Sunny predisposition? 2 genes linked to friendliness, social ability

Lauren Scrudato | 
A new study by researchers at the National University of Singapore reports that two specific genes play a role in ...
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Inuit gained genetic advantage against freezing cold from 500,000 year-old DNA

Lauren Scrudato | 
How do Inuit populations in Greenland cope with below-freezing temperatures for the majority of the year? They may have inherited ...

Malaria genome provides treatment roadmap

Genetic variability revealed in malaria genomes newly sequenced by two multi-national research teams points to new challenges in efforts to ...