Articles written for the GLP list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. All other articles were written for the sources noted with excerpts provided by the GLP.

Sugar-free sweetener derived from GMO yeast could hit grocery stores in 2020

Kristen Painter | 
Cargill Inc. and the Dutch ingredients giant Royal DSM this week began churning out a new sugar substitute that mimics ...

EPA requests public comment on activist proposal to cut glyphosate tolerance in oats

Jennifer Bjorhus | 
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is asking for public feedback on a petition by a national environmental research and advocacy ...
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Scientists gradually identifying genes linked to depression

Malcolm Ritter | 
In a key advance for the study of depression, a comprehensive scan of human DNA has turned up the apparent ...

Debate not settled, but food companies resigned to labeling GMOs

Jim Spencer | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Vermont will not implement ...

Activists, farmers link GMOs to use of neonic pesticide, claim bees endangered

Josephine Marcotty | 
Today, genetically engineered crops dominate agriculture, and two-thirds of the world’s cropland gets a regular dose of neonicotinoids, including 90 ...

Cargill sues Syngenta over financial losses due to rejected GMO corn

Jim Spencer | 
Cargill Inc. sued Syngenta Seeds Inc. on Friday in an unusual legal battle over genetically modified food that both companies ...

Using baby’s own stem cells to treat heart defect

Dan Browning | 
The following is an excerpt. Every year, about 1,000 babies are born in the United States with half a heart ...

Gene determines how much of a “reward” people get from booze

Melissa Breyer | 
One in six U.S. adults binge-drinks four times a month, consuming an average of eight drinks per session, according to ...

Prop 37: The failure of a fringe group

Keith Schrader | 
Those who fight against genetically engineered crops are fast becoming a fringe group. Despite years of hard scientific facts, they ...

Clinic taps patients’ own stem cells to ease their pain

Maura Lerner | 
A Sartell doctor offers a stem cell treatment instead of surgery, but critics say it's too soon. The trend has ...
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