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Developing world should curb agricultural antibiotic use to combat drug-resistant bacteria, study warns

The growing appetite for animal protein in developing countries has resulted in a smorgasbord of antibiotic consumption for livestock that ...
5-30-2019 autism

AI discovers new autism-linked mutations in ‘junk’ DNA

Steven Schultz | 
Many mutations in DNA that contribute to disease are not in actual genes but instead lie in the 99% of ...

MicroRNAs may fight the spread of cancer

Tara Thean | 
Researchers at Princeton University have found that microRNAs — small bits of genetic material capable of repressing the expression of ...

“Genes and justice” — exploring the crossroads of genetics and policy

Karin Dienst | 
"Genes and Justice." That unexpected combination of words led to the "question of the day" that lit up on a screen ...