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crops on mars

Video: Crops engineered with nanoparticles could survive bleak environments—including space

Tyler Berrigan | 
A family of nanoparticles known as metal-organic frameworks, or MOFs, can absorb harmful UV radiation. Joseph Richardson is a nano-engineer ...
SM genedrive feat

Can CRISPR gene drives save New Zealand’s native birds and other wildlife?

Kathiann Kowalski | 
[Many] non-native animals — known as invasive species — have been preying on the native birds, some of which don’t ...
Screen Shot at PM

Flu vaccine works better on some younger people—if you have the right genetics

Aimee Cunningham | 
Nine genes are tied to a strong immune response to the flu vaccine in people 35 and under, a new ...

Understanding how CRISPR works: The basics

Tina Saey | 
CRISPR stands for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats.” Those repeats are elements of the genetic code in DNA. Cas9 is an enzyme that ...