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Federal GMO labeling may not go into effect for 3 years

Julie Gallagher | 
Here are three other things to expect from the federal GMO labeling program. 1. Compliance is up to three years ...

Activists lobbying Safeway to label GE foods

Michael Garry | 
Safeway announced to its shoppers in a Facebook post last night that its O Organics products, which are certified USDA ...

Mandatory GM labeling would require major change, says GM supporter

Julie Gallagher | 
CPG manufacturers may be on the cusp of monumental change as voters in California contemplate a hotly contested ballot initiative ...

GM foods unlikely to concern Wal-Mart shoppers, says industry expert

Jenna Telesca | 
Despite a media storm and several petitions asking Wal-Mart Storesnot to sell genetically modified sweet corn, industry experts say the ...

Wal-Mart takes a stance on GM food

Alyssa Haak | 
Everything Wal-Mart does is closely watched. Any action taken by the world’s largest retailer can cause ripples up and down ...