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Viewpoint: COVID-19 vaccine success should prompt us to rethink our fear of GMO ‘Frankenfoods’

Viewpoint: COVID-19 vaccine success should prompt us to rethink our fear of GMO ‘Frankenfoods’

Ben Spencer | 
[COVID vaccines are] one of the biggest, and certainly the most high-profile, utilizations of genetic technology in the history of ...
Brexit cutting the ties e

Viewpoint: UK proposal to break from EU CRISPR rules could unleash plant breeding ‘gold rush’

Matt Ridley | 
The agriculture bill before the House of Lords [June 10] offers a chance for plant breeders to make safer, more ...
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How the ‘seductive myth of nature’s goodness’ infiltrated our thinking about food, medicine and even makeup

James McConnachie | 
“Humankind is poised to make monumental decisions,” Alan Levinovitz warns, “about the meaning and importance of natural goodness.” ... His ...
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Viewpoint: How Europe’s risk aversion has turned the continent into an agricultural backwater

Matt Ridley | 
With tariffs announced against Brazil and Argentina, and a threat against France, Donald Trump is dragging the world deeper into ...
wheat rust disease

New gene analysis technique identifies natural disease resistance in wheat to protect against fast-spreading stem rust

Tom Whipple | 
Stem rust has devastated wheat for centuries....Now a virulent strain is spreading from Africa. Even as wheat crops wither and ...
No GMO Flag Russia

Russian social media ‘bots’ push GMO-autism link, new report shows

Rhys Blakely | 
Social media accounts sponsored by the Kremlin have whipped up fears about western food and water supplies, analysis shows. Scores of ...

Genome scientist Craig Venter accused of stealing trade secrets from company he helped create

Oliver Moody | 
Craig Venter is not a man to balk at breaking a few eggs to make a scientific omelette. The maverick ...

Kidney cancer: New DNA test can measure whether tumor might be fatal

Oliver Moody | 
Hundreds of people with kidney cancer could be spared surgery with a DNA test that can identify whether tumours are ...
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Identify as straight? Gay? Transgender? That may be deeply influenced by genetics, study shows

Oliver Moody | 
Transgender men and women may carry genetic variants that influence their gender identity, a study suggests. It is the first ...
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Seeds of Science: Mark Lynas’ journey from anti-GMO activist to biotech advocate

Dominic Lawson | 
If there is a braver or more morally conscientious person in Britain than Mark Lynas, I should be surprised. Or ...

Bill Gates’ ‘supercow’ quest: Funding for livestock genetics research aims to boost milk production

Tom Whipple | 
Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Give a man a hybrid supercow with the ...
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Viewpoint: GMO crops are future of African farming—if anti-biotech activists get out of the way

Matt Ridley | 
[I]nfluenced by European environmentalists, most African countries forbid the growing of genetically modified crops. This is a pity, because unless ...
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Activist case that glyphosate herbicide causes cancer mired in scandal

Matt Ridley | 
A perfectly useful herbicide could be banned in Europe thanks to a tangled network of lobbyists, lawyers and activists. … ...
Screen Shot at PM

Will Britain fumble regulations on human and agricultural gene editing as it has on GMOs?

Matt Ridley | 
Britain has an opportunity to seize on the latest breakthroughs in gene editing and pioneer new approaches in agriculture, research ...
Screen Shot at AM

Aggressive form of leukemia ‘wiped out’ by genetically modified immune cell therapy

Oliver Moody | 
Two kinds of incurable blood cancer have been eradicated in more than two out of three patients by a therapy ...
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Dangerous GMO petunias? Bright orange-red flowers pulled from UK shelves

Ben Webster | 
Garden centres [in the UK] have been ordered to withdraw orange petunias from sale over concerns that they may be ...

Ripen on demand? New generation of GMO crops could dramatically increase yield

Tom Whipple | 
Farmers could one day control when their crops ripen after the development of modified rice that flowers on demand. Despite ...
Brexit cutting the ties e

UK could become gene-editing leader in farming post-Brexit

Matt Ridley | 
Scientists at the Roslin Institute, near Edinburgh, said [February 2017] that they had edited the genomes of pigs, rendering them ...
Screen Shot at AM

EU may block import of GMO crops from Britain if country allows biotech crops post-Brexit

Ben Webster | 
Plans to grow genetically modified crops in Britain could result in the EU blocking imports of the produce after Brexit, ...
Screen Shot at PM

British consumer skepticism of GMO foods and crops appears to be softening

Oliver Moody | 
Public opinion has swung behind genetically modified crops for the first time after decades of opposition, according to a survey ...

GMO debate may hinder progress of RNA interference biotechnology in Europe

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  The debate around genetically ...

EU “independent” bee task force chair plotted to blame neonicotinoids for deaths then cook research to fit PR plan

Ben Webster | 
Research blaming pesticides for the decline in honeybees has been called into question by a leaked note suggesting that scientists ...

Precautionary principle backfires in Europe, insecticide ban harms bees and farming

Matt Ridley | 
An EU pesticide ban that was supposed to protect bees has done no such thing. All it does is damage ...

Oppostion to GM crops counter-productive to environment, economy and consumer

Matt Ridley | 
The news that Britain could soon grow genetically modified crops commercially is a victory for commonsense over irrational opportunism, and ...

Neanderthal DNA linked to good health and bad

Jonathan Leake | 
Scientists have found that Neanderthals and modern humans coexisted for tens of thousands of years in Europe and Asia and ...

Cannibal Neanderthals ate an anicent family, DNA evidence suggests

Jonathan Leake | 
Scientists have found the site of a Neanderthal massacre, where a group of them slaughtered and ate a dozen of ...

GM crops don’t kill kids, opposing them does

Matt Ridley | 
Golden rice’ prevents the vitamin A deficiency that kills millions every year. Yet Greenpeace is blocking it It was over ...

It’s opponents of GM crops who are harming farmers

Ross Clark | 
Had he been born 50 years earlier I can imagine Owen Paterson as a stiff young official on the groundnut ...
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