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What would a world designed with synthetic biology look like?

Amanda Ruggeri | 
In a corner of Istanbul’s Design Biennial late last year, photographs of bizarre creatures sat alongside more conventional displays of ...

Challenge to Apple, Facebook: Unfair to prioritize egg-freezing over childcare

Jacqueline Nelson | 
The pressure is immense. In stepped a few corporate giants with a plan meant to help young (and youngish) women ...

Environment, genes equally at play in autism

Kate Kelland | 
Environmental factors are more important than previously thought in leading to autism, as big a factor as genes, according to ...

Are extreme athletes genetically drawn to take risk?

Alex Hutchinson | 
Studies of skiers, snowboarders and other extreme athletes are shedding new light on why different people are attracted to different ...

The IVF question: What to do with leftover embryos?

Sarah Cohen | 
For those currently undergoing in vitro fertilization, the entire process can be complex – both medically and emotionally. In vitro ...

Canadian feds look at plan to collect DNA from suspects upon arrest

Kim Mackrael | 
The federal government is considering a move to collect DNA samples from suspects upon arrest for certain crimes, a significant ...

Canadian analyst urges investors to avoid Monsanto because of GE labeling

Chris Umiastowski | 
Monsanto Co. is the industry giant when it comes to creating, patenting and selling genetically modified (GM) seeds and associated ...

The key to female longevity is in the genes

Denise Balkissoon | 
The following is an excerpt. Across countries and species, females live longer than males. It’s true in Canada, where a ...

One fish, two fish: What their DNA says about us

Ivan Semeniuk | 
The following is an excerpt. One is a creature of the briny deep, a bizarre survivor of a long-forgotten era ...

Why your DNA is a gold mine for marketers

Carolyn Abraham | 
The following is an excerpt. David Pike prefers hiking holidays over seaside lounging, and personalized ads over random promotions. “Show ...
Developing markets hungry for genetically modified crops

Developing markets hungry for genetically modified crops

David Berman | 
The following is an excerpt. Here’s some mixed news for anyone betting that the best solution to growing food demand ...

Why China is a genetic powerhouse with a problem

Carolyn Abraham, Carolynne Wheeler | 
The following is an excerpt. In the South China city of Shenzhen, a thriving manufacturing hub known for cheap goods ...

Canada: In search of genomic incentives

Jonathan Kimmelman | 
In a renewed quest for medical breakthroughs, the Canadian government recently committed $67.5-million for research into “personalized medicine.” This bold ...
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Is there a right time to give consent for genetic testing?

Globe and MailIs there a right time to give consent for genetic testing?Globe and MailFor Chad Sapieha, the choice is ...

We’re overselling the health-care ‘revolution’ of personal genomics

Timothy Caulfield | 
In the very near future, we’ll all be able to have our entire genome – all our genetic information – ...

DNA may be future goldmine for marketers

Carolyn Abraham | 
In the not-too-distant future, marketers might turn to an unexpected source for clues to everything from vacation preferences to buying ...

Can genetic tests help you build a better workout?

Carly Weeks | 
Do we really need a test to tell us whether our genes are sabotaging our efforts to get fit? A ...

Texas firm cloning horses used in competitions

Video: Scientists cloned the first animal in 1996. Since then a number of businesses have grown, including a Texas company ...
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