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Biotech firms rush to enter CRISPR crop market to meet global food demand

Sarah Peyok | 
Agriculture technology (“agtech”) companies of all sizes are vying to enter commercial food markets. [In March] when news broke about ...

Genetic modification: Time for a more nuanced debate

Anthony Kleanthous | 
The following is an excerpt. What is a person with a conscience to think about the fraught and complex issue of ...

Cheerios anti-GM attacks demonstrate a need for food transparency

Leon Kaye | 
General Mills' Cheerios Facebook Page Morphs into an Anti-GMO CampaignTriple PunditConsumers focused on the issue of transparency and right-to-know, and ...

Crop contamination from GMOs: USDA suggests sticking small farmers with the bill

Leon Kaye | 
A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) advisory board has developed a roadmap on how farmers whose crops become cross-contaminated by ...

RIP, food transparency

Leon Kaye | 
The death of Proposition 37 should not be surprising. The blame game surely will begin with Wednesday morning quarterbacking, starting ...

Prop 37 to be decided by dollars, not debate

Leon Kaye | 
The role of outside money in the fight against Proposition 37 has become a case study of how public policy ...

Africa’s First Sustainable Biofuel Plant Opens in Mozambique – Triple Pundit

Jen Boynton | 
Today marked the grand opening of the largest industrial park in Mozambique -and it’s got a sustainable edge to boot ...
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